Trinity Porter

Trinity Porter was at Sexpo this year, and I briefly ran into her. Trinity was walking around, and some Male and Female couple was arguing about her. Something to do with the photos being taken I guess.
The guy was getting yelled at by his girlfriend to go back and sort it out with sexy Miss Trinity Porter.
I guess you had to be there, but I thought it was pretty funny that a man’s girlfriend was angrily screaming at him and forcing him to go and get a photo with a Sexpo Showgirl!

Unfortunately not all girls are like this, but she was not the best looking thing in Australia.

Trinity Porter on the other hand was looking lovely, her height was a bit shorter than I expected, even with the porn star stripper shoes on.
I wish I had some videos of the whole event, as the Trinity Porter video available on the web from last year’s Sexpo wasn’t even worth the time to watch, it was blurry and taken from very far away.

That girl needs to set up a more regular web presence, with regular video and photoshoot updates and news like Ashlee Adams does. The pictures on the People or Picture magazine websites I saw a while ago were totally out dated.

Trinity Porter and Ashlee adams in black

Trinity Porter and Ashlee Adams looking hot in black

Trinity, as well as most girls including Ashlee Adams, looks greater in black, with their full sleeve tattoos. Let’s hope Trinity and Ashlee both get another full sleeve, and more. Perhaps a chest piece tattoo or knuckles? A couple more piercings wouldn’t hurt either.

Trinity Porter and Taylor Gunz

Old Pics of Trinity Porter and Taylor Gunz

Who agrees, does Miss Trin look heaps more attractive with black hair not blonde, and lots of tattoos? Since the above pic was taken with Taylor Gunz, who has also had a lot of ink work done, and is looking pretty fine herself.

Stay tuned for more Sexpo Showgirls coverage. Just to be clear, Trinity is not associated with our site in any way, and to the best of our knowledge does not perform services in brothels, this article is only adult industry news. Going by what we believe to be the Trinity Porter official twitter account, Trinity’s official job title seems to be “adult entertainer” and “glamour model“.

So, anyway, let us know which photo and look is sexier, Trinity with the long black hair and tattoos or the old blonde hair?

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2 Responses to Trinity Porter

  1. MB says:

    Black for Trinity, Blonde for Ashlee Adams

  2. Teen Dream says:

    Blonde big fake breast implants, more piercings.
    Just how I like it