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This website is set up to educate all those looking for Brothel information around Melbourne, as well as other Australian cities. Keep up to date with the latest news and reviews of your local brothel, as well as helpful info for those visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. Also get the latest related industry news on your favourite models, strippers and escorts, prostitution and other adult entertainment.

We are ultimately here to promote the pleasures and safe enjoyment of brothel establishments, to best serve the members of the public (as well as promoting the brothel staff workers) to make the most of the legal brothels in Melbourne. Their health equals your continued enjoyment.

Get the most out of your visit

You want to hook up women, we want you to hook up. There’s plenty of opportunity to be found here, heaps of online options and brothels. We’re here to give you the most helpful and current information for each establishment. Feel free to ask us for advice, and make any suggestions for others. We welcome your feedback and questions. Follow us for the latest news and well as competitions and give aways! You can keep up to date with our brothel reviews, news and specials on our social media sites like Facebook and our Google+ pages. Become a fan. Like and follow us there, and leave a comment or get in touch with us there for further promotions.

Let’s keep it good

Everyone is entitled to enjoy the pleasures of another person and hook up as they please, even if it is by using the “oldest profession”. However we do not promote any illegal activity such as street prostitutes, hookers or illegal sex workers. Any mistreatment and other breaches should be reported to police or at least a trusted friend. It’s Everyone’s rights, safety, morals, boundaries and dignity are the priority.
For those who choose to work in this industry, we advise you to seek support, and ensure you know your rights and have access to counseling and other services.

Health, Government rules & Legal rights for workers, owners and patrons

A list of the government rights in Victoria are described below:
1. Brothel Work: A brothel is defined as any premises made available for the purpose of prostitution services at those premises. (Prostitution Control Act 1994). 2. Licensed (Commercial) Brothels: Brothels are regulated by local council planning. For workers this means the place you work from must meet the requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and have a planning permit issued by the Council.
Brothels in Victoria are currently limited to 6 rooms (Prostitution Control Act 1994). Some older brothels, established before June 1995, you may find are larger. Let us know if you do, we’d like to know which ones are larger!
Workers have the right to refuse to see a client if they think the situation is unsafe or believe a client may be violent. You can’t be fined or punished in any way (Sex Work Regulations 2006). In a legal brothel a free supply of condoms and lubricants at no charge must be provided (Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008).
Regarding cleanliness and hygiene, the proprietor of a brothel must provide clean linen and showers and baths with a continuous and adequate supply of hot and cold water for the use of workers and patrons (Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008).
Keep in mind, unless the patron/client has just used a facility, workers are not required to clean any bath, shower, toilet or spa unless actually employed as a cleaner (Sex Work Regulations 2006). For any concerns about unappropriate behaviour in a legal brothel contact Jobwatch.

Enjoy your brothel time in Melbourne, Australia! Let us know how your visit goes.

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