Melbourne Brothel Laws and Rights

This website is set up to educate in the hope to stamp out all unethical behaviour related to these industries, and ensure all basic human rights are met.

We are here on a moral mission to promote the safety and serve the workers, and members of the public to fight breaches of rights, legality of brothels in Melbourne.

Any breaches should be reported to police or at least a trusted friend.
Your rights, safety, morals, boundaries and dignity are the priority.
If you do choose to work in this industry, we advise you to seek support, and ensure you know your rights and have access to counselling and other services.

A list of the government rights in Victoria are described below:

[1] Brothel Work A brothel is defined as any premises made available for the purpose of prostitution services at those premises. (Prostitution Control Act 1994)

[2] Licensed (Commercial) Brothels Brothels are regulated by local council planning. This means the place you work from must meet the requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and have a planning permit issued by the Council. Councils primarily monitor compliance with planning requirements.

Currently brothels are limited to 6 rooms (Prostitution Control Act 1994). Some older brothels, established before June 1995, are larger.

You have the right to refuse to see a client if you think the situation is unsafe or you think the client may be violent. You can’t be fined or punished in any way (Sex Work Regulations 2006).

You must be provided with a free supply of condoms and lubricants at no charge in a legal brothel (Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008).

The proprietor of a brothel must provide clean linen and showers and baths with a continuous and adequate supply of hot and cold water for the use of you and your clients (Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008).

Unless your own client has just used it, you are not required to clean or disinfect a bath or shower in a brothel. If you do clean or disinfect the bath or shower your client just used – you must be provided with protective clothing. Apart from this circumstance you are not required to clean any bath, shower, toilet or spa unless you are employed as a cleaner (Sex Work Regulations 2006).

You should never have to pay a bond or a fine in a legal brothel. Contact Jobwatch (see the services directory) for legal advice if you told you have to pay a bond or a fine.

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